A few things you should know if you would like to join Tewantin Noosa Pony Club!

We offer two types of Membership.


Full Riding Membership

This membership entitles the member to attend musters and compete as a Tewantin Noosa member of PCAQ. The rider is covered by insurance when attending an event organised and run by any PCAQ club. Any member under the age of 18 is required to have an adult parent or guardian join as a social member.  All riding members over the age of 18 have full voting rights.


Social Membership

This membership entitles the member to full voting rights, but no riding.



  1. If you or your child is below the age of 18, one adult parent or legal guardian must also join, either as a riding member or just a social member.

  2. Every member must fill in a Member Protection Declaration form, regardless of wanting a social or riding membership.

  3. If more than one member of the family joins as a full riding member, then the membership fees are reduced by $10 for each full riding member.

  4. There is a one-off volunteer levy paid by each family, regardless of how many family members join. This is rolled over every year, if that family has put in enough volunteer hours, or refunded when that family would like to leave.

  5. Due to insurance issues, you cannot ride on the grounds under any circumstances unless all your forms have been handed in and all money paid.


Fundraising and Volunteer Levy

You will need to pay a Volunteer Levy of $125 per family.  This will be refunded or rolled over at the end of each year, if a family can contribute 10 Volunteer hours for that year.  These hours do not include helping set up or take at MUSTERS.


Fund raising is very important to keep the club running. The grounds and equipment cost quite a lot to keep in good shape, and we want our members to get the very best of everything, including quality instructors and equipment. We need all the help we can get! Volunteer duties include helping out at events, fundraising such as selling raffle tickets and working in the canteen. A lot of our income is produced by the canteen at various events, so this one is an important part of our fundraising.


The club needs the help of all members with our three major events of the year.  We hold a Dressage and Combined Training weekend in April, and our Gymkhana in July.  Set up for these events and running them on the day are a lot easier if everyone chips in with a bit of help.  


We like to have a Working Bee combined with our Certificate Day once a year. The parents all pitch in to give the clubhouse, gaol and sheds a quick clean out while the riders gain their needed certificates.


Full Riding Membership- (Calendar Year) - $165.00

($155 - second riding family member)

Social Membership - (calendar Year) - $60.00

Volunteer Levy - (per family) - $125

Muster Line Up Fee - (per Muster) - $15  

Lunch - $5 per person

If non TNPC members (members from other pony clubs) would like to attend our muster the cost would be $50 (places are limited).

To join (or rejoin) TNPC for 2021

Prices have stayed the same as 2020 - join now for 2021 

Joining is simple! Just follow the link and you can add all your details and payments and join instantly. (Saves us lots of paperwork too!)

Click below to go to the Pony Club Association of Queensland website

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